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The list you’re about to read is from 2018. To see the latest, most downloaded car outlines, check out our list of the Top 5 Car Outlines in 2020 right here!

Being on top of current trends is an integral part of any successful business, and it’s no different when it comes to car wrap design. If you are a graphic designer taking in car wrap projects, or a sign maker including vehicle wraps in your services, we have some very useful information for you to be up to date with your client base: a list of the most popular car outlines in 2018.

We tell you what are the most downloaded car models in vehicle templates this year, to help you understand where the market is and outline (pun intended) your business strategy to make more money designing and selling vinyl car wraps.

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2018’s 10 Most Downloaded Car Outlines

The team over at SignSilo –a professional stock media service offering super affordable vehicle templates, car wrap artwork, HD stock images and more– kindly shared with us what are the most downloaded files from their extensive car outlines library so far this year.

This list will give you a very clear idea of the type of vehicles people are more interested in wrapping with a design, and so what vehicle templates you should have at the ready if you want to get more work and maximise costs. For all details on vehicle templates files and their benefits for sign making and design, read our Complete Guide to Vehicle Templates!

So, without further ado, here are the most popular car outlines for 2018 so far, all with preview images property of SignSilo:

2006 – 2013 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vehicle Outline


2018 Ford Transit Connect Bus Outline


2018 Ford F-150 Pickup-Truck Outline


2017 Ford F-150 Car Outline


2016 – 2018 Ford Ranger Pickup Template


2018 Ford Transit Bus Template


2018 Ford Transit Bus Outline


2005 – 2014 Nissan Navara Truck Template


2015 – 2018 Opel Astra Car Outline


2015 – 2018 Peugeot Partner Outline


Utility Vehicles: Where your Clients are in 2018

From just a quick glance at our top 10 of most downloaded car outlines this year, it pops out to the eye that nearly all of them –9 out of 10!– are utility vehicles: vans and pickup trucks. They range from German-engineering to all-american brand, with a bit of Japanese and French for flavour.

This consistent trend is telling us a key to the vehicle wrap business, particularly a key about the potential client base: they’re mostly small mom and pops businesses and medium sized companies needing low-cost and high visibility advertisement.

Does this mean larger companies aren’t using vinyl wraps? Of course not. But it does mean small and medium sized businesses is the go-to segment these days.

You can still target the big fishes with your services, be it designing car wraps, printing car wraps, or both. But it will be most wise to aim your marketing efforts at this highlighted group of clients.

And of course, it would be very smart to have vehicle template files for all 10 most popular models and even similar ones already downloaded and ready to be used should a small business owner come your way looking for an eye-catching design to put on their van!

To ensure you’ll please them, do check these Pro Tips to Design a Car Wrap!

Buy Popular Car Outlines Cheap and Raise your Car Wrap Game

SignSilo LogoSo how do you get a hold of car outlines for the most sought-after models in vehicle wrap signage? Simple! You can buy them professionally made, super accurate and cheap at SignSilo.

This is a stock media service that specialises in sign making, and includes a huge library of over 20,000 car outlines spanning the last 30 years and up to the latest 2018 models of cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles.

The best? Their VehicleClub: a plan with access to their whole templates library for a whole year, with up to 25 downloads per month, for only $99. That comes at just $0,33 per car outline, by far one of the best deals around, and a no brainer cost-effective option.

Additionally, SignSilo offers large collections of high quality stock photos, vector illustrations, wrap artwork and more to design the best and most compelling vehicle wraps and signs of all kinds, and they’ve very reasonable monthly and annual subscription plans.

Do check SignSilo out, and make sure to get in to the VehicleClub!

Once you have car outlines for the most demanded models in vehicle wrapping in your arsenal, you’ll be more than ready to attack the pool of potential small-business clients with your awesome designing and printing services.

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